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Charles Ramsey

The Real Deal Maker

Mr Classic himself, Charles Ramsey. When he is not selling cars, he is buying them. Normally pursuing cars and bikes he would like to own himself. Charlie is a wealth of knowledge and great for a retro chinwag. 

Make sure to ask him about his uncles cat "Blackie".

Mercedes-Benz-SL-Silver (34).jpg

Andrea Ramsey

Head Barista

Doting wife of Mr Charles Ramsey, you will often find Andrea shouting profanities at Charles from her office. When she isn't managing Charlie , Andrea is running our new Classic Connection Cafe.

When asked to pass comment on how much she enjoys working at The Classic Connection, she politely declined. Obviously overwhelmed in admiration.

Keith - Now Retired 

Jaguar and Restoration Specialist

Keith is the Jaguar master tech who can bring unused and unloved cars back to life. His wealth of knowledge is unparalleled and there is no one better to have working on your big cat than Keith. 


Cameron Docketty

Apprentice Technician

After passing a rigorous entrance exam back in 2019, Cameron fought off over 2000 applicants to become the latest face of Dawson Engineering! Basically he sent us his CV through Facebook, we liked him, so we kept him.


He helps with day to day tasks including mechanical work, sourcing parts and helping out with fuel delivery.

Colin The Dog

Regrettably after a period of illness, Colin was put to rest. He is a great loss to the team and a big character which will be missed. 



Ken The Dog

New to the team, Kevin is our new security in training. Currently shadowing Colin, Kevin will soon be a fully fledged member of our loss prevention team. 


Damian "Damo" Blades

Social Media

The man, the myth and the legend behind our social media presences. Damian is not a true CC family member but for the past 3 years he has been helping keep us active on Instagram and Facebook, albeit not being able to tell the difference between a Jag V12, V6 and an inline 6!

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