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Monaco Historique 2016

Action packed weekend at the Monaco Historique watching some amazing cars racing around the streets of Monte Carlo. Attending the RM Auction where the Ferrari Nart Spider from the Thomas Crown Affair was auctioned and not sold as it only reached a staggering 23 million Euros!! It was only 1 of 10 cars built. Whilst ogling over one of my favourite cars from one of my favourite films, one of the original test drivers for my favourite car of all time turns up, Valintino Balboni. What a lovely interesting guy it was a real pleasure to meet him.

We also went to the Bonhams auction which also had some great cars for sale. The only purchases made though were from Coys auction where I bought a Lamborghini tractor and a super cool Ducati Sport Classic in Hailwood colours. Excited by my purchases but suddenly alarmed by the thought of how the hell am I going to get them home and is Andrea going to kill me!!


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