Jaguar XK 120 Coupe Chassis Number 4!

Found laying dormant in Africa almost fifty years after its arrival.

Jaguar XK 120 Coupe, 1952, Cream with red leather interior and white wire wheels with chrome spinners. This is the fourth right hand drive XK ever built and it has an incredible story to tell, it was shipped to Rhodesia when completed in December 1952 and supplied new by Sagers of Bulawayo the Jaguar agent, to the first owner who is thought to have been John Love the six times SA formula one champion and 1962 British touring car champion who also owned the dealership in Bulawayo. The incredible story of this car continued when in 1998 it was discovered lying abandoned in a garden in a state disrepair with three other Jaguars. The discovery was made by a passionate Jaguar collector who was on location filming at the time. He set about repatriating these cars to the UK by obtaining the relevant paperwork from the authorities and locating a fourty foot container to load them all in, he was told repeatedly that they would not all fit , but after a few days of hard graft and with help from the locals, lengths of wood, some rope and the trusty old method called a Spanish Windlass the cars were all safely loaded. He has created a short personal film to show the effort and thought that went into getting these cars back to the UK, aptly called Jaguars out of Africa. Once safely home he set about a stunning restoration of this car with help of the following experts, Leaping Cats (bodywork) Brookfield (paintwork) Tom Hampton (interior) Merv James Ex Vicarage and CMC (assembly) Sympathetic upgrades included, rack and pinion steering, telescopic shock absorbers, and a louvered bonnet. The history file contains, a Heritage certificate along with, photos of the discovery and restoration process, bills and V5 etc.

Now today this car the fourth right hand drive XK 120 Coupe Produced and also the second one to be sold to a private owner is simply stunning throughout and has only covered sixty shakedown miles since it's comprehensive rebuild. A real touching story to see this important car brought back to it's former glory after being found half way across the world.

Please click on the link for a fascinating film of the rescuing of this fantastic car.