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Classic Connection Car Show 2022

Thank you to all who came to the first, Classic Connection Car Show and lending us your cars to make a fantastic day out in the grounds of Burley Manor.

The event saw a wide range of cars from classic pre-war models including a Lagonda and Bentley 3 and half litre, American and British cars a like and a host of super cars!

We helped raise a fair bit of money too (to be calculated) for the Burley Charity.

We finally saw our coffee van up and running thanks to Andrea and Jaime. Coffee supplied by Fika, Bournemouth.

We also had our friends, the New Forest BBQ there serving up the baps!

It wasn't just an event for car loving weirdos like us. We had many families and youngsters getting involved.

The event wasn't just for humans. Regrettably Colin isn't with us anymore to enjoy the day but all of his friends and Ken managed to enjoy themselves.

All in, it was a fantastic day and thank you too that helped including Andrea, Cameron, Jamie, the New Forest BBQ team and Peter.


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