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1968 MGC Roadster

Built in Abingdon Oxfordshire, this MGC Roadster presents well in the classic colour combination of Old English White with a contrasting red interior. The car was kept in storage for 20 years and has recently benefitted from some recommissioning. The DVLA record for this car shows only two previous owners with the most recent being since March 1987, and in spite of its exempt status it has an MoT test certificate valid until June 2022, 76,000 miles. Excellent value and great fun to drive being a 3.0 litre engine.

The MGC was the first 'high performance' version of the MGB. From early, in the design stages of the MGB, there was an intention to create high performance variants, using a range of Vee engines that did not make it to production. The MGC was much more than a tuned MGB, in fact it was a completely re-engineered car, but retained many visual connections to the MGB. On the outside, the MGC was often mistaken for an MGB as the only visual difference was the heavily bulged bonnet with a transverse chrome strip that accentuated the bulges, and the standard use of 15” wheels instead of the 14” used on the MGB. Inside, there were very few differences between the B and C, other than the 140mph speedometer and tachometer with a yellow and red banding, set against lower RPM than the MGB.


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