We are currently carrying out a full ground up restoration on this E Type. It will be ready for the middle of the summer and is for sale.

More photos of it’s current status will follow shortly.

Finally being etched primed now the lead loading is done, this has been a full on body rebuild that is now really taking shape. It has had a complete new floor which was built in one piece including the transmission tunnel and sills etc. Also the boot floor has been completely replaced, the rear wings, the doors and many other panels are new. This was the only way to make this car retain it’s original identity, without replacing the shell it still makes it the genuine article. The rust didn’t win! We are very proud of the effort we put into these restorations, please have a look at the photos of the door gaps which  are a perfect example of  just how much work goes into these cars. The hours of work involved  in making the doors fit like that is phenomenal.

img_4316 img_4315 img_4314 img_4313

Published on: February 25, 2016

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